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We make jewelry from SCRATCH!  Literally – we scratch the earth, find the rocks, cut, shape, polish and wrap it to make it as pretty as we can! 


The colorful beauty in rocks is something that continually amazes us as we see and work with, what seem a large variety to us but are truly only a small fraction of the amazing rocks in our world.


We like to say that God created the rocks, we are just lucky enough to be able to work with them and share their beauty with others.  We have some very old rock collections from collectors’ estates that include superb specimens and rare finds. 


We first carefully inspect rocks for the best angle to cut to obtain the prettiest slabs.   Once sliced the slabs are cleaned and evaluated for cabochons.  We look for dramatic colors and movement in the stone.  The slabs are marked for cutting into preforms.  Once those cuts are made there’s no turning back!  We let the dramatic look of the piece determine the best shape: round, oval or designer free-form to bring out the maximum beauty and dramatic impact of the piece. 


We personally grind the stone into the cabochon shape utilizing as many as 9 different grades of diamond grit wheels with meticulous attention to the flow and shape of the design.  The stones are cleaned again and examined for a smooth uninterrupted finish.  Only then are they ready for the wire wrap or wire weave that will accentuate and showcase their beauty into finished jewelry! 


We strive to bring out the best in the beauty of the stone.  We let the stone determine the cabochon shape and guide the design of the jewelry.  We would like to acknowledge and thank these artists for their inspiration and furthering our skills:  Claudia Ionita, Cheryl Dole, Maxx Belle, Susan Gardner, Nicole Hanna, Christine Schroeder and Yvonne Williams.


Thank you for taking the time consider our creations.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us on the “Contact” page or call during normal business hours.  

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